Company History

Milan Acustica is a sound rental company based in Madrid , ( Spain ) since their foundation in 1976, Milan Acustica comes contributing services of high quality in the world of professional sound. The main objective has been to cover the sonorization needs required in all type of acts and events, and to make it with some minimum demand.

The continuous growth of the company, together to the new technologies has made possible, the amplification in facilities and infrastructures.

Thanks to the experience and the formation on the part of the company, as for the last techniques and equipments, Milan Acustica counts with personal highly qualified, in its respective work areas:

Commercial department: A team made up of people whose work consists mainly on the reception of new clients, and maintenance of the existent ones. These people have wide knowledge of the sector, what allows them to understand the client needs, and to maintain a high degree of satisfaction to the same one.

Logistics Department:
It takes all the necessary resources (technicians, transports, hotels, etc.) to carry out the designed solution, and developed jointly with the Technical Department and personalized in short for each client, in order to complete all their expectations.

Technical department: Together with the Responsible for the technical area, the titled technicians, specialized in Sound, Illumination and Image, linked to the organization for years, take charge of supporting the design of the projects developed by the department of Events, until the client's full satisfaction.

Administrative department: Together with the responsible for the administrative area, a team of people of our trust, in the professional and human land, carry out the administrations of the most efficient form.


Support: Composed by people developing work and support to the activity, installers, in charge of shop, storage and maintenance of teams, etc.

Quality: At the moment the company besides having a system of effective administration in altars to the client's full satisfaction, is in the process of obtaining of the certification of quality ISO 9001:2000.


Satisfaction Customer Form:
If you wish it, you can download a satisfaction form to let us know what do you think about our work.

Historic Pages. (Pictures about the History of Milan Acustica from their beginnings).