The success of our company depends partly on the available technical equipment, and is for that, we have the best marks in the market in the different rent lines:

Speakers, Line Arrays, EQs, Intercoms, Mixing Consoles, Power Amplifiers, Microphones, In-ear Monitors, dynamics Processors, FX, Playback / Recording.

Another very important point in our work way is the maintenance and supervision of all this equipment in our electronic workshop.

Our experts in maintenance and repair of equipment work day by day without stopping, assuring a good operation in every moment.

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Some related questions about our work way policy (F.A.Q.):

1. What kind of equipment does rent Milan ? We have available all kind of equipment of first marks, related with the world of the professional sound, focussed on Live use, Studio, Broadcast, etc.

2. Do they also sell equipments? No, we just rent, although our company mates "Milan Miscelanea" sells new products and second hand coming from Milan Acustica.

3. Do they also rent Backline (Musical Instruments as Amplifiers, Batteries, guitars, etc)? No, we don't rent backline; we do rent just professional sound.

4. Can I rent equipment, and control it for myself? If you know as making it, we won't have problem in renting the stuff, although there are certain equipments that, according to their configuration need be rented with a responsible technician.

5. Do they do some kind of maintenance over your sound equipment? Of course, our workshop of electronics is revising all our equipments; we also checking our equipments with the customer to make sure a good behaviour on any situation.